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...there exists a new breed of social elite -- Urban, Influential, Wealthy and Culturally Curious with a defined appetite for events and activities that reflect their own lifestyle.​





This rapidly growing segment of our global populace looks to socialize within the tightest circles and often times seeks the company of the top Cultural Icons in the Sports & Entertainment fields in which to do so with.​


Boss Productions' is sensitive to these needs and other such social demands this new demographic seeks because quite frankly, we share in their same interests... we have heard the call for social change and we intend to answer and fulfill its need.​


But first things first, you deserve the truth about us, ..."WHAT WE DO isn't for EVERYONE!"

We understand that this statement may come off a bit arrogant but that is not our intent, the statement is an honest assessment of our promotional thought process shared by the individuals who are drawn to our global events and the lifestyle matches that they either seek or lead!​


To better our point, we believe that event promotional compromise is at the table and though we must all share in its stark reality ... continue with the "same old' same old'" or experience a lifestyle upgrade... the choice is yours!​


Know that once you've accepted this understanding, you've arrived and your "Lux Life" begins... welcome to Boss Productions as your arrival has been greatly anticipated!





If you evangelize to the elite, can transform culture!

We utilize a simple but solid equation:
In laymen terms, eXcitement​ equals or is the bi-product of Function * Audience * the Message, with the addition of Creativity and Innovation.​
In order to produce events that are both fresh and memorable for our attendees, the (F*A*M) may be enough to produce the desired effect.​However to instill the special in our events we add the additional two components (C/I) to fully illustrate our end result objective which is to make you say ​WOW!
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Boss Productions' -- bringing you the best of everything that fits your lifestyle! 


Our events are about the people -- the creative minded, culturally curious professional who refuse to be defined by title or position, but rather by the true sense of one’s own soul.


We produce and promote event properties that provide a "lifestyle intersection" for a growing multi-cultural demographic. The scope of our promotions include: Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Themed Cruises, Celebrity Sporting Events, and our trademark destination-driven 3 & 4 day extended Weekend Getaways. To better your browsing experience, we've consolidated our available event ticketing options and established our very own online ticketing portal.



The "Buy Boss Events" website will allow you complete access to all of our spectactular lifestyle generated events (with active links to the individual event websites) and their related event participation packages, both for group and individual event ticketing.


Don't miss your moment to "shine" so keep connected, opt-in for our exclusive electronic event alert that will keep you on the correct side of the velvet rope while others are outside looking in!

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